Offices, Classrooms and Laboratories and others

Learning Environment

Maintenance and Upgrading of Facilities

SICT facilities, tools, and equipment comply with all local and federal rules or regulations pertaining to fire, building, and safety and health codes. The compliance of these rules and regulations are verified on a regular basis by the Technical Services Section. SICT has a Technical Services Section and one health officer which is accountable for the institutional safety and security practices and procedures for employees and students. The Technical Services Section is response for regularly carrying out fire drills and lockdown procedures.
The DCET is responsible for operation and maintenance and renovation of the laboratory equipment and devices. In beginning of academic year, the department head describes the needs and demands of renovation of the laboratory equipment and devices, and then, includes the required expenditures in the department budget of the year. These expenditures are approved by institutions administration in the beginning of the academic year.
In addition, a donor organizations and ICT companies can invest to establish new laboratories. For instance, the following laboratories established and new equipment and devices are installed in last 4 years.
  • Mobicom invested Mobile communication laboratory in 2013 year.
  • Skytel invested Computer laboratory in 2014 year.
  • Skynetworks invested Cable plant network laboratory in 2015 year.
  • Huawei company invested Optical network laboratory in 2016 year.
There are 2 training masters works in DCET and they are responsible for the operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment and devices as well as repair the equipment. One training master dedicated for the laboratories of TET program, another is dedicated for the laboratories of WCET program. The services provided by the training masters is adequate and enable to do the laboratory courses smoothly.

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