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Program History

The Communication department currently offers two distinctive programs for bachelor degree, i.e. Wireless communications engineering technology (WCET) and Telecommunications engineering technology (TET).
The WCET program is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia and accredited by the National accreditation council for higher education in 2009. The WCET was previously known as radio communication engineering technology program until 2007, and so far around 1500 students graduated with bachelor degree.
In order to keep up with the fast development of Information and Communications Technologies as well as requirements by employers, the program curriculum, program educational objectives, and learning outcomes have been changed and improved periodically. More detailed information about the program is included in the related sections of the Self-Study Report.

B. Options
In 2014, the communication department was established by merging telecommunication department, wireless communication department and network department. But in September 2016, the communication department was reformed again and now offers two distinctive programs in the field of telecommunications and wireless communications.
The programs are:
- Wireless communications engineering technology (WCET)
- Telecommunications engineering technology (TET)
The wireless communications engineering technology program (WCET) that is the subject of this study program has no tracks or options.

C. Program Delivery Modes
Delivery mode of the Wireless communication engineering technology (WCET) program is “On-campus, Day time program”. The program courses are delivered in terms of lecture, seminar and laboratory, or lecture and seminar, or lecture and laboratory.
The WCET program for bachelor degree is 4-year program and each academic year is composed of 16-week regular semesters in the fall and spring. In each semester, students take about 15 to 18 credits courses as normal workload in a classroom. Graduation criteria for the students studying in this program are to collect total of 128 credits and to have GPA over 2.0 (out of 4).
During a summer vacation in the third academic year, students attend in industrial training (internship) at ICT related companies or industries for four weeks in order to gain practical engineering skills as well as to strengthen their academic knowledge that they learned in classrooms.

D. Program Locations
Undergraduate study of the Wireless communications engineering technology program is offered at the School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT) which is 6th campus of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST). However, some basic science courses, specially their laboratory classes can be taken at the main campus of the MUST.

E. Public Disclosure
There are several ways to distribute information about program education objectives (PEOs), Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), annual student enrollment and graduation data, as well as decisions and reforms regarding to the Wireless Communications Engineering Technology Program.
For instance, annual student enrollment is posted online on the MUST website ( and SICT website (, whereas program education objectives (PEOs), Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and graduation data are posted on the Communication Department website (

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