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Student Admissions

At MUST, students has been apply for admission to specific major in 2015-2016, 2016-2017 academic years and to not-specific major in 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 academic years. To be accepted for an undergraduate degree in Wireless Communication Engineering Technology (WCET), applicant must follow the “Student’s Admission Procedure” that approved by A/79th decision of Minister of Education and Science dated on 18 March 2013 and 7.3 article of 7th chapter of law on higher education. Undergraduate students will be admitted within the check point number established by the of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Admission committee will be organized works to check materials of applicant, organize skill examination, reimburse their claims, control admission process and other related works of admission. Undergraduate applicants from Ulaanbaatar city shall apply to, websites during admission time. Registration and selecting a major of the applicants from the countryside will be organized by Consortium of Mongolian Universities and Colleges /hereinafter referred to be as “CMUC”/. Applicants from the countryside shall submit admission documents within the timeframe established by the CMUC. Undergraduate applicant to WCET program must have passed admission exams and acquired minimum score in general examination of chapters that included for interested program which is showed in Table 1.1.
Table 1.1. Minimum entrance scores of examinations
/minimum scores and required percent/ 

Subject 1Subject 2 

I group Mathematics Physics Subject 1 - 100% 
Subject 2 - 50% 
450 scores or 56.25% 
(for subject 1) 
II group Chemistry Mathematics Subject 1 - 100% 
Subject 2 - 50% 
400 scores or 50% 
(for subject 1) 
III group Sketch test Mathematics Subject 1 - 100% 
Subject 2 - 50% 
450 scores or 56.25% 
(for subject 2) 
IV group Mathematics Foreign Language /English or Russian/ Subject 1 - 100% 
Subject 2 - 50% 
450 scores or 56.25% 
(for subject 1) 
V group Social Knowledge Маthematics Subject 1 - 100% 
Subject 2 - 50% 
500 scores or 62.5% 
(for subject 1) 
Calculation method: The scores of General examination will be calculated as a ratio of 100%+50%. If you take General entrance examination and get scores of 700 for subject 1, 400 scores for subject 2, Your total scores will be х=700+(400/2)=900
Students will be enrolled based on their score of general exams that organized by third party and approved by related state authorities for education issues of MUST. Applicants’ score will be calculated by added value of scores of Subject–1 and Subject–2 of general exams by ratio. The names of successful candidates admitted to MUST will be announced to the public arranged by the exam results within the announced timeframe. Process of selecting a major by the students will be done in one subject group indicated in the first attachment of this procedure first then the candidates who has selected the remaining subjects will be removed and a new group list established. Shall make selections by applicant from programs that showed in Table 1.2 according to the check point number of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
Table 1.2. Minimum scores of SICT, MUST admission programs including WCET
Enrollment Groups Name of subject 1 of general entrance examination Minimum scores (only for subject 1) Name of subject 2 of general entrance examination (not considered minimum scores) Name, index of student admission program* Profession 
GROUP IМаthematics450 scoresPhysics061303. Information system Information system 
Information system (Joint program with the School of IEC Теchnology, India) 
Моbile system engineer (Joint program with the University of DUN KOO, Korea) 
031304. Information technology (IT) Information technology (IT) 
061302. Software Software 
Software (Joint program with the School of IEC Теchnology, India) 
061901. Telecommunications engineering technology Telecommunications engineering technology 
061902. Wireless communications engineering technology Wireless communications engineering technology 
061903. Communication technology Information network 
061303. System safety System safety 
Information safety (Joint program with the University of SOON CHUN HYANG, Korea) 
071401. Automation of electronic system Electronic system, automation 
Embedded system 
After this process, admission committee shall grant certificate to admit in WCET program SICT, MUST. If content of programs is a partnered program of universities, applicant shall make selection from the majors of this program. If applicant who is included in list is not making schedule selection within approved term, next person of list shall make his/her selection. It’s forbidden to select other program and major for received person to study for WCET program, SICT, MUST after they made their selection. If examiner’s total score is passed, shall compare point of Subject 1 of general exam and Subject 2 of general exam. In necessity case, admission committee shall compare execution percentage. Requirement undergraduate student to admit for undergraduate program of MUST from Ulaanbaatar city shall arrive on admission committee of MUST within approved term and other applicant from countryside must arrive on admission committee that appointed to work in countryside by CUMC with their civil identification card and general exam’s certificate. Undergraduate student of high school of MUST in 2016, must be listed by their scores of admission exams and grade point average is higher than 83 and they shall make their major selection according to their score list and they can admit for undergraduate program in MUST. Details of general entrance examination scores and number of students enrolled in WCET for past five years are shown in Table 1.3.
Table 1.3. WCET program’s enrollment results for past five years
Academic year General entrance examination scores Students enrolled in WCET 
2012-2013 573 569 50 
2013-2014 576 560 50 
2014-2015 576 575 74 
2015-2016 541 525 37 
2016-2017 530 519 51 

Table 1.3. TET enrollment results for past five years
Academic year General entrance examination scores Students enrolled in TET program 
2012-2013 573 569 50 
2013-2014 576 560 54 
2014-2015 576 575 70 
2015-2016 525 544 36 
2016-2017 526 544 45 

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