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Relationship between Curriculum and Program Educational Objectives

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the TET program is described as follows in Section 2 of this report.
PEO1: Demonstrate a deep working knowledge and skills of engineering technology and modern tools.
PEO2: Fully apply and master personal and professional skills and attitudes.
PEO3: Effectively apply communication skills, and work as a member or leader of a team.
PEO4: Create and apply any system, product and process to meet societal and organizational desired requirements and needs.
PEO1 is related to the offered courses in the curriculum that to acquire the knowledge of mathematics, basics sciences, professional fundamentals, profession-depth courses and modern software and tools to the students, and the ability to apply all of them.
Since PEO2 is more related to the personnel and professional ethics and attitudes, it has strong relationship with the offered courses in the curriculum such as human development, engineering economic courses, which gives the professional skills and attitudes to the students.
PEO3 is related to the offered courses in the curriculum such as cultural studies, English language, which possess the communication skills and social participation.
PEO4 is strongly related to the professional key courses and projects learned in every year, which acquires the creative skills to create the product, system and activity.
The offered courses in the curriculum of TET program are aimed to achieve the PEOs through students’ systematically acquiring the science and engineering basic knowledge, telecommunication engineering skills and intellectual, humanitical and ethical responsibilities. The relationship of the offered courses in the curriculum of TET program with the PEOs is reflected in Table 1.
Table 1. Relationship between courses in the curriculum and PEOs

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