Survey for each PLO and PEO

Survey on the relevance of PEO

Student course evaluation questionnaire

Personal information: 
Profession name /program/: Study year: 
Course name-code: 
Please accurately evaluate the course taken and what you have learned from the "Satellite Communication System" course. /Please circle the number in the corresponding cell in the evaluation table/
Question/Evaluation 54321
Overall course evaluation: 5=very good; 4=good; 3=average; 2=bad; 1=poor 
How clearly outlined were the Course Learning Objectives, Outcomes and content before the class started? 
How adequately outlined Course Learning Objectives, Outcomes and content in the syllabus? 
Did the clearly explained were the prerequisites course? 
Did the topics taught by instructors adjust to course content? 
How well were the lecturers prepared and how well did they explain concepts? 
What kind of teaching method was used in learning and how beneficial was it? 
Discussion, explanation 
Scenario question, solve together 
Debate to better understanding
Flipped classroom/ Study subject at home discuss it in class 
In this course how much did you use the mathematics, physics and formulas you had previously learned? 
In this course how much did you learn about modern technology? 
How much did you use technical tools, software and measurement devices etc? 
How much did you exercise self-study to complete problems and assignments? 
How honestly did lecturers evaluate your assignment in this course? 
How much were English textbooks and technical documentation used in this course? 
How well did lecturers use the following evaluation tools to evaluate student performance: 
Check-in lecture notes 
Subjective/objective tests 
Oral exams 
Drop quizzes 
Take-home tests 
Course project/ Individual projects 
Group projects 
Reports and Presentations 
How well did lecturers conduct periodic assessment of student’s progress? 
How well did lecturers encourage and engage students participation? 
How well did lecturers engage students to work in a team in and out of class 
How well did lecturers engage students to share experiences of topics related to subject? 
How well do you acquire course learning outcomes? 
4=excellent ; 3=good; 2=average; 1=poor; 0=no judgement 
Course learning outcomes of Lecture and seminar 
1. Apply knowledge of satellite communication technology in engineering technology activities such as satellite network planning 
2. Solve engineering technology problems related to the satellite systems design 
3. Design satellite link budget by the given task 
4. Use appropriate English technical literature in the field of satellite communication 
5. Apply written, oral and graphical communication for report writing and oral presentation 
6. Execute design and implement stages of water rocket development project 
Course learning outcomes of Laboratory 

7. Apply programming tools such as MS Excel and MATLAB for link budget calculation 
8. Execute measurement on earth stations equipment 
9. Interpret experiment results conducted on earth station equipment 
10. Apply written, oral and graphical communication for report writing and oral presentation 

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