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PEOs-ийн гүйцэтгэлийн түвшин

Mission Statement

The program educational objectives (PEOs) describes how to be developed and what level should be achieved after 3-5 years of profession based on knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired during the study. In other words, PEO defines the expected level of knowledge, skills and attitudes after 3-5 years since program is completed. PEOs should be consistent with the program learning outcomes (PLOs) and will be fulfilled depend on how well students acquired the program learning outcomes. 
This chapter presents how PEOs of WCET program meets with vision and mission of University and School and how to improve and approve the PEOs in accordance with the requirement of ABET self-study report.

Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST)-Missions statement.
Vision: “It is aimed to build internationally recognized research oriented open university and gradually develop Entrepreneur University”
Mission: It is aimed to nurture the competitive specialists and researchers as well as develop the cooperation among research, industry and service through innovation. The key goals to provide mission: 
  • To prepare intelligent, skilled, and creative specialists and researchers 
  • Transfer research outcomes into the business innovation activities based on social partnership and investment collaborations.

School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT)-Mission Statement
Vision of the SICT: SICT will be one of the Asian leading institutes in the field of information and communications technology.
Mission of the SICT: To lead and contribute nations sustainable development by preparing qualified graduates with knowledge and skills of information and communication technology, and by introducing research and innovation results into society.

Mission statement of Department of Communication Engineering Technology (DCET)
Department Vision: It is aimed to be recognized globally by the activities of education, research and innovation.
Department Mission: DCET will to prepare graduates and researchers with the knowledge and skills for successful careers in telecommunication and wireless engineering technology, and to design systems and products, and domesticate an emerging technological advancement.

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